Poem: “Where the Widow Weeps”

War was upon the world as it was Winona.
Winona Walters and her Guy were wary,
So careful to avoid careless carnage.
Until Blue Boys buried her brother’s body
They remained reluctant from ravenous war.
With Winona’s withering bodies and weeping
Her husband, her other half, has decided to fight.
He readies his ride and rises,
Their mare moving in a steady motion.
Gray eyes grew to a gray uniform,
The crowning color of their Confederate country.
He shushes her with a soft, swift smooch
His battalion at the battlement waiting for battle
Just as they were waiting for Guy Walters
“Don’t dare drop a tear, dear,” said he,
“Don’t dare drop another tear, my dear love.”
She tirelessly tries to stop her tears
Her heart hurts and her heart is heavy.
Guy grips the reigns as he readies his ride
In a trot they take off toward the hillside

Off and over he went
Shouting love and goodbye
Her tears were spent
For she would never see her Guy

Months managed to move by swift
Winona waited for word of her Guy.
Not long there was nimble knocking on her door
This knocking lead to a killing keening.
Her husband, her Guy, had died.
His brother, with baited breath, held her
His brother’s widow wept and went on weeping
For the love she loved and lost
Her heart had shattered in the arms of another.
Winona’s wistful wish was to see him,
Her love, her Guy, here at their home, alive.
Guy was more than mortal now and was to be memorialized
His brother and the battalion brought his body
To be buried with brothers and forebears of Walters past
In that lot of land where tombstones laid
The widow Winona Walters wept and wailed
The sight of her silent husband so saddening
A serene service saw the next day
As did Guy’s dear darling’s daring tears

Dressed in black she stood
Under the willow, where her husband laid
Soon she would refuse food
For her heart was trapped behind a barricade

She stood, her remaining days sad
Her black dress draping her dying form
Her dark veil shortening like her doomed days
Hysteria wreaked havoc on her heart
Her tears turned to torrents of depression
Months went with her withered self
Within a year Winona was woken
Her heart had had enough sadness
Like the disease that desiccated her, death did too
Her black dress had brought her biding time
The widow Winona wept beneath the willow
Where her husband had found final rest
Her tears spent, her heart hurt
She spent her last day sleeping by her lost love
Winona perished in a picturesque process
With her blood poisoned and her heart broken

She was buried by her handsome husband
Happily now as they reunited in Heaven’s healing hope
They were buried in the beautiful boneyard
Under the willow where the widow wept

Now she will forever smile
Though their gray country fell
Her hand was held by a man most worthwhile
For in Heaven she and Guy now dwell


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